Products of the enterprise:

        Pig casting brass and bronze;
        Pig bronze;
        Cast plates of copper and copper alloys;
        Copper wire rod;
        Bushings made of copper and copper alloys produced by the method of centrifugal casting;
        Brass and bronze cast bars;
        Pressed brass round bar, obtained by thermoextrusion, followed by drawing and straightening.
        All products are made according to preliminary orders.

The capacity of the enterprise allows producing up to 5,000 tons per year of finished products of copper and copper alloys.

For manufacturing the above products, the enterprise is equipped with the following types of equipment:

  • Induction furnaces;
  • Centrifugal machines with vertical casting up to 1.5 t;
  • Lines of horizontal continuous bars casting;
  • Machine complex for the production of pressed bar;
  • Pig casting line;
  • Line of continuous casting and rolling copper wire rod;
  • Metalworking equipment.

The company also purchases scrap and non-ferrous metal waste from the public, renders services for weighing cars with cargo, briquetting of chips from copper and copper alloys, rolling cylindrical and conical shells on Four roll hydraulic plate bending machine SAHINLER 4R-HSS 20-380, cutting pipes, rod, bar, lathe machining on lathe-screw-cutting machines of model 1М63 and ГС526УВД of increased accuracy, lathe machining on the turning-and-boring machine with CNC RAL-16.

Contact information:

Address: Production Unitary Company “Tsvetmet”, 222166, Republic of Belarus, Minsk Region, Smolevichsky District, Zhodinsky local council, 32, in the Zhodino Area, ul. Kuznechnaya.

E-mail: omto@cvetmet.by

Contact numbers:

  • Tel. +375 1775 5 99 02 (Referral service works from 7.30 till 16.00)
  • Fax +375 1775 5 99 15

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